The Board of Directors

The 12 members of the current board of directors represent the tradition and commitment of all the members of the dairy and, in addition to carrying out the task of carefully managing the daily business of the dairy, they have the burden and responsibility of relaunching new challenges and new goals, so that Parmigiano Reggiano continues to be the synthesis and harmony of an environment and a way of being.

President: Giuseppe Sironi

Vice president: Fausto Tincani

Delegate treasurer: Ugo Ferrari

Counselor: Sironi Giuseppe

Counselor: Giorgio Catellani

Counselor: Damiano Castellari

Counselor: Simone Serri

Counselor: Antonio Zanelli

Counselor: Fabrizio Cavalletti

Counselor: Fausto Tincani

Counselor: Stefano Tamburini

Counselor: Nicolo’ Zanelli

Counselor: Marco Tognetti

Counselor: Germano Spinelli

The Presidents of the Latteria del Fornacione

Angelo Pignedoli

Paolo Braglia

Marino Boni

Genesio Pignedoli

Marco Castellari

Duilio Eusebio Ferrarini

Dott. Luigi Catozzi

Ennio Zanelli

Nardo Ferrarini